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Some amazing songs

As I said in one of my previous posts, I have been doing a lot of rediscovering of musical roots. This is a tribute to the person responsible for making me do so... Here's a list of some unforgettable numbers with links to listen to the songs (if available)

O Sajnaa: One of those songs which exemplifies the fact that melody always stands the test of time... And emphasises my eternal belief that when the melody is good, any ornate orchestration never lends any additional beauty to the song. A gem of a song from Salil-da, blending sitar with a soothing background violin score. Marvellous!

O Alor Pathajatri: A song that has been mentioned in one my previous posts. This is one song which first made me feel the urge to learn the piano; because this was one song which had amazing harmony, and I, for the first time, found it tough to replicate the same thing on the rather puny little synth that I had at home. Amazing lyrics, amazing harmony, and an absolutely spellbinding antara make this a melody that's one of its kind.

Ki je kori: Another spellbinding number, it startles with its utter simplicity. The melody flows like a gentle stream. I could listen to this song all day and all night and never get tired. Lata's voice has never been better. Must-concentrate-parts of this song: The prelude, the soft string background, and the ravishing string interludes. Brilliant blending of the cello, the flute and the violins.

O mor moyna go: Another Salil-Lata masterpiece. This was one of his later numbers, about the time when he started getting increasingly influeced by jazz and blues. This song however shows no particular leanings towards either jazz or blues; just gives the feel of a beautiful country number. What's amazing is the way the entire song is supported by an acoustic guitar and a soft bass in the background. The flute interludes are magical, absolutely magical!!!

Wo ek nigaah kya mili: A very different number and a fiendishly complex song at the end of it all. The arpeggio by Lata is absolutely amazing. Kishore and Lata never did a better job than this. Love the situation in which the song appears in the movie. The antara melody has numerous sharp turns, curves, ups and downs all accentuating the beauty of the song.

Rim jhim jhim jhim badarva barse: Stunning melody again. The original of this song was sung by Dhananjoy Bhattacharya in the Bengali film "Paasher Bari". This was a landmark achievement in Bengali music. Bengalis had never heard such music before. Nothing is extremely special about this song, other than the melody which is simply the best I have heard in my life.

Guzar Jaye din: An unforgettable song from an utterly forgettable movie annadata. This had a Bengali version too which was hopelessly inadequate; made more so by the efortless manner in which Kishore has rendered the Hindi version. The scale progression of this song from minor to major and then to a higer scale is absolutely amazing. Also the chord progressions in the interlude are magnificient. Same is the case with antara. Beautiful progesssions everywhere :)

Ei ghoom ghoom ghumanta: An unforgettable Salil-Sabita collaboration, with amazing lyrics. The erudition of the man simply amazes me at times. Listen to the accordion interludes - interlaced with the velvety sweetness of the flute. Simply beautiful...

Ai dil kahaan teri manzil: A stunning Lata-Dwijen number. Each part of the song has a lilting feel to it, be it the soulful violin prelude, be it Dwijen's laid-back voice, or Lata's beautiful rendition of the interlude, or the intricate harmony in the second-part of the antara, this song has it all!!!

Dhitang Dhitang bole: A short and sweet masterpiece by Hemanta-da and Salil-da, nothing recreates the magic of the Bengal countryside like this song does. Love it!!!

Jodi kichhu amaare sudhao: This is one of those beautiful songs like Ki je kori, which I could listen to for ever and ever. Shyamal Mitra, in my opinion had one of the sweetest and most vulnerable voices in Bengali music, a genius who succumbed to alcohol. He sang just a few songs for Salil-da, each of them masterpieces. This song stands out amongst them for the sheer beauty of the melody and the extreme pathos in the voice.

Oi je sobuj bonobithika: This is another startling number, sung by Madhuri Chattopadhyay. She was one of those singers with a unique voice and an unbelievable range. This song easily spans over two octaves and has amazing note changes. Madhuri manages to hit the rather tricky notes efortlessly. Brilliant composition and brilliant singing...

Na jaane kyon: Very nice film, and there wasn't a better song which would fit the situation perfectly. Subtle chord variations, and one of those songs in which Lata's voice sounds strained - testifying to the complexity of the number. The melody is sacrosanct and amazes as is expected...

These are a few of the Salil favorites I have been listening to over the past few days... More later...

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