Sheer Melody

A mole's eye-view of the Cosmos

The circle

I've said all my farewells, now there's nowhere to go
Out on my window, I can see the falling snow
You were always out of your place in this unknown world
No! You're leaving; and there is no use believing in defeat
Baby it is a little strange now, when the circle completes.

I hope you're never lonely, you'd be so deserted when it is quiet
There's a road leading away from here, baby why don't you try it?
Is there something that you are waiting for, does your strength lie in your weakness?
The clouds are rumbling, I know you are stumbling down the street
Baby you can't look back again when the circle completes.

This town is all a-sleeping, the people and their faces are all faint
I keep trying to tell him, you know they are all making a mistake
The doors are all locked out, some people just can't do without change
The clouds, they are frowning the people are drowning in conceit
Baby it's a little strange now when the circle completes

Lying comes so natural, I've done it so many times before
But I do believe every day that there's someone who keeps the score
But victory always comes with a bitterness that never seems to fade
We're travelling to innocence, but don't you know some things never repeat?
Babe don't complain now the circle does complete...

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