Sheer Melody

A mole's eye-view of the Cosmos

Nerve Gas

So I gaze at the watch tower buildings
And unpleasant shadows are all that I see
People around trying to gaze at the future
Trying to predict where we all are gonna be
The walls of fate I can see up ahead
And my feelings are all making me small
And I think for want of answer
It happened for no reason at all.

The man down the highway he just asked me
If the end of the world was near at hand
He found words in the sunset to write for his eyes
But he felt sure that I would understand
So I cast my eyes at the dead and the living
And men gathered like crowds in a hall
And replied that it was all in the stars
That shine for no good reason at all.

The walls closed dim and the shadows were twisting
And words and deeds were daring the night
The fire raged and the wind, it was whistling
And the world just stared at the sight
And I wondered if justice was beautiful
Then what makes kings to sometime have to crawl
Nothing could tell me the reason
There was no good reason at all.

My life it stretches out like a story
Written in pieces and stretching so far
With puppets on strings in all painted glory
Dancing to tunes older than the stars
And I look at the flying wishes of preachers
Screamed out from mountains so very tall
And strained out to hear what they are saying
But they were saying nothing at all.

And now the years are passing like blind hurried strangers
Who recognize nothing but their own coming end
And the world is spinning and the times they are twisting
To all be someone or to simply pretend
And huddled on sidewalks are those worn out paupers
Who are still waiting for someone to pause
Waiting to go where they haven't been
Waiting for no good reason at all.

I'm tied down by these chains of sorrow
My head lies on a cast iron bed
And if I only knew where I would be tomorrow
You'd know just exactly how I felt
In the hero's door the world put their flowers
For every great man must sometime have to fall
In the hero's door the world put their flowers
Who died for no reason at all.

And city strangers they meet at my window
And my life lies beneath the soles of my shoes
I've found an answer to every hidden question
No longer satisfied with another excuse
And my words have found meaning in all their silence
And now they are shining, shining through the dawn
I wonder now how I'd feel if somebody told me
It was for no reason at all.

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