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Noboborsho'r anusthan

Here are a few pictures of the function we had on the occasion of Bengali New Year. Am feeling quite thrilled at having been able to make a collage successfully. Picasa does work good!!! Posted by Picasa

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  1. # Blogger DD

    but the pics are not big :(

    is this the same lal panjabi of the kgp days?  

  2. # Blogger Sheer melody


    Yes this is the same panjabi of KGP days... Plus... Big pics upload korte time lage... couldn't rake up the time nor the perseverance...  

  3. # Blogger NightWatchmen

    Abe @#@#@$@ you didnt tell me you were a fan of Bob Dylan, coz I went this weekend to a screening of Scorseses documentary on him called No Way Home (knowing yer you might have watched it by now)....And man it was zee fundoo especially some of his interviews to the press, one of the best scenes is when he gets off from a flight and there are these hoards of journos taking his pics and next thing you see is Bob pulls out his own camera and starts taking random pictures of the press guys...  

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