Sheer Melody

A mole's eye-view of the Cosmos


A moonless night. The beach was deserted. The only thing which made itself heard was the sound of angry waves crashing against battered cliffs. Deafening, yes, but music to my ears. I walked down the beach. It was truly, utterly deserted. One shack was open. Two ineffectual lanterns tried their level best to throw light all around. They failed miserably. The wind felt ferocious. It also felt like a calming influence. I lay down on the couch – Kingfisher in my hands. I felt the chill of the beer as it cooled my throat. Every sensation was heightened, every feeling was romanticized.

I tried to count the stars, but failed. I felt a strange high, but could not place it. I looked at my friends; they all were at peace with themselves. Love lost its meaning; Romance suddenly forged newer dimensions in our tormented minds. The light from the lantern formed strange figurines on the dark walls of the towering cliffs on both sides. And at that moment, the beauty of the place impressed itself upon us, in all its grandeur, simplicity and serenity.

This, my friends, was Goa in its most pristine form. A place I can go back again and again and never get bored.

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