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Nothing in particular

So DST kicked in and robbed me of an hour's sleep.

And despite predictions of heavy rain, it stayed uniformly gloomy throughout, making this a particularly dull Sunday. Makes me ponder on one of life's quandaries as described in Seinfeld: Sunday has a feel, Monday has a feel, Thursday has a feel - but Tuesday has no feel.

2 Responses to “Nothing in particular”

  1. # Blogger BrownPhantom

    You wudn't believe this. Last friday, Mitra & me were discussing the most unhappening day of the week. Tuesday was the spontaneous choice of both of us though a couple of others supported Thursday. Needless to say, Tuesday triumphed :).  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sandy, ebar eisob movie-tovie chere kaajer kichu lekh ... something that affects us ... like the upcoming elections?

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