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A puzzle

You are more complicated than a puzzle, and somehow a little more obvious than hunger. Don’t feel like working; pain fills my mind. You are a dream which clings onto me every other second. Maybe that’s why I tell you, it’s just always better to hate me…

Some song has a hundred words, but is still a waste of time. And you draw your pictures all day, colors matted and unfinished. Grief is infinitely better than happiness, which is why I tell you, it’s just always better to hate me…

Today I am wise, an effervescent lover; but you do know me, you know the real me. If you know the real me, why do you still care; I wish I could tell you again, it’s always better to hate me…

Courtesy: Mohiner Ghoraguli

3 Responses to “A puzzle”

  1. # Anonymous aru

    Sandy ekta chhoto bhul hoye gechhe mone hochhe :(. "Guno ganer hajar buli..." , byapar ta mone hoi "a thousand words of praise/appreciation howa uchit"  

  2. # Anonymous Sandy


    Very correct, my mistake.

    Amar bou-ke nalish korchhish???? ;)  

  3. # Anonymous aru

    aajkal tor byapare shob nalish odikei korbo .. odike korlei mone hoi effect hobe !!! ;) .. joldi aai chhagol  

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