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Today is MahaSaptami. Five days have passed since Mahalaya and my last post… Today is the fifth day of the Puja, and I feel a distinct absence of the festive spirit in Bangalore today… It saddens me, and by a strange quirk of temperament, makes me want to work a wee bit harder…

I try my best not to delve into nostalgia, but the feelings persist… Some of them hurt, some don’t and bring a fair amount of joy into a fettered mind… I saw a bunch of people dancing to some song by Him-ass Reshmiyaa early in the morning… They didn’t look good, the song sounded worse; especially for a day when one is so used to the sound of the dhaakis breaking the early morning silence; a day when the scent of dhuno is supposed to permeate the house and the room;

Feels sad to be away from home on this day…

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