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Erroneous introspection

It seems that ever since Rang de Basanti (in the words of the 'alternate moebyus' "Wrong Day Basanti"); a lot of pseudo-patriotic Indians have started introspecting. Me - I am an honest person, or at least I think myself to be one; and I hate hypocrisy. So here is what I found on one blog, who interestingly is wondering if Indians are the worst imitators on earth. Talk of self-condescension, and there is nothing better than the eleven questions that this person has posted.

1. Do we think in our mother tongue (or even Hindi for that matter ) ?

Yes, I think I do. Most of the time, I think in Bangla; and when I am not doing that, I tend to think in English. Because I am used to it. And why would a person (let's say - someone from South India) even think in Hindi? Half of them don't even know it! (The 'or even Hindi for that matter?' part makes no, let me repeat, NO sense at all!

2. What is the medium of instruction in our school , college or Institute ?

It's English. And it should be English or the mother tongue. It should preferably be English, because if it is not, then at professional courses you will have loads of bumpkins cursing the days they spent in vernacular schools and colleges, and wondering why they are unable to understand anything which the teacher says. All's good with wanting vernacular education, but you need to send your kids to regional-language schools and not the 'convent' ones!

3. What language am i more comfortable reading ?

English and Bangla. Which is expected. And I don't pretend: I like reading English, because I am more comfortable with it; but I am definitely passably comfortable with Bangla, and enjoy reading it. If you don't like reading your own mother-tongue, you are the imitator; not Indians in general!

4. Do i quench my thirst with Coke, Pepsi or with Chaach , lassi , nimbupani ?

I quench my thirst with water, because that's what normal people do. Think about it, and not more than 3 out of ten of your friends would use Coke/Fanta/Slice as a thirst-quencher!

5. Are my favorite hangouts Barista , Subway and McDonald ?

No, they aren't, because a meal there doesn't fill me. I prefer a good old Indian joint with a generous helping of rice/chapati... Seriously! Most Indians feel the same way!

6. Do i wear anything other than Nike, Adidas , or Reebok ?

Yes, I wear clothes which I find in most designer stores. You don't expect me to come to office dressed in a dhoti? Do you?

7. Do I listen to English Songs more than Hindi Songs ?

Yes, and that's a matter of personal choice. And just for the record, there are other languages spoken in India. When I am not listening to English songs, I prefer listening to Bangla songs, since that's my mother-tongue. A distant third in the list would be Hindi.

8. Do i prefer Hollywood movies to Hindi Movies ?

Yes, because Hindi movies are bullshit! At least, most of them! Did anyone watch Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna??? And please don't come up with "Rang de Basanti" or "Black" as a retort, because then I would definitely shoot you. I wouldn't even repent it. You deserve it!

9. Do i use expressions such as "Chill Dude" , "Lets hangout " , "rock the party, man" ?

No, I don't. It's because I think I am normal...

10. Do I think that Philip Kotler is Marketing God ?

No, I don't. Why should I?

11. Are my preferences shaped by American media ?

No, I don't think they are. My preferences are shaped by my personal choices, peeves and concerns. Thank goodness no media of any kind has anything to do with it.

Dunno why I had to make this post, but somehow this guy's rants about hypocritic Indians was so over the top. To top it all, he does realize at the end of it all that he has lost his identity. No wonder!

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