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The village in Bengal

An absolutely amazing description of the Bengal village, courtesy Satyajit Ray. I couldn't help but post it here for posterity.

One day’s work with camera and actors taught me more than all the dozen books I read on film making. I found out for myself how to catch the hushed stillness of dusk in a Bengali village, when the wind drops and turns the ponds into sheets of glass, and the smoke from the ovens settles in wispy trails over the landscape, and plaintive blows on conch shells from homes far and near are joined by the chorus of crickets which rise as the light falls, until all one sees are stars in the sky, and the fireflies that blink and swirl in the thickets.

2 Responses to “The village in Bengal”

  1. # Anonymous aru

    awesome ! there cannot be any better description of any Bengali village . Which of Ray's works is this excerpt from ?  

  2. # Anonymous Sandy


    The book is "Making Movies"

    Suggest you read it sometime, it's absolutely mind-blowing  

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