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Just when I thought Indian politics has reached its lowest ebb, something inexplicable happens and makes it plunge one level under itself. This link just proves that our politicians have time for everything else other than running the country. Running it well is a far cry anyway.

Of course, this does not absolve Indian cricketers and its fans of guilt. The cricketers because it's been quite some time since they came up with a decent agreeable performance. It's been quite some time since Greg Chappell took over the reigns of the team with a view to infusing the Aussie way of life, the Aussie hardboiled spirit, a tenacity and a zeal to win. It's tough to see his serious poker-face on TV, in interviews, dishing out the same bullshit about performances not always the criterion. It's hard to see Rahul Dravid explain debacles with flimsy excuses, when the team has put up more than a dismal performance on pitches which are supposed to be the norm in the upcoming world cup. Most of all, it's tough to see pea-brained cricketing journalists write about the dormant talent in the team, the awesome averages of the batting lineup and the way the team is just a sleeping tiger, waiting to be woken.

Indian cricket is possibly at its lowest ebb at the present moment, and it's high time something good happens, otherwise the World Cup is a distant dream. Of course, the 1983 team was no better, and had a string of dismal performances going into the World Cup.

And of course, the ads. The ubiquitious ads. They are everywhere. Shah Rukh Khan makes a serious face and hoarsely utters "Hoo Haa India". Some other dumbfucks arrive from the opposing corners of the television set to reiterate what India's dumbest actor just said. And thus the Indian team is shown in set features, with clenched jaws and mind-numbing determination as they plunge from one loss to another.

My request to the cricketers: If you don't want to play, please don't play. Lose all the matches you want to. At least get those ads off TV. I am sure people who have lost all interest in watching you lose, would do better than watch your artificial grim faces in lousy and sloppy television commercials.

Give me a tiny break, please. Pretty please?

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