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Back in Bangalore

I am back from Kolkata. Kolkata was hot, humid, and sultry; everything that Bangalore isn’t. Thanks to the massive changes in climate, I have caught a bad cold… I would have loved to blame the cold on the AC coach which I traveled by, but the fact remains that my tendency to drown myself in cold water after a hot day is plainly responsible for it.

Kolkata doesn’t seem to have changed much, other than more malls coming up and people talking in Yankee-ish slang a little more. There are some swanky offices coming up in the New Town area of the city, one of them is expectedly named Technopolis. The IBM building next to our complex looks quite cool and laid-back.

I always loved train-journeys. But I doubt if I shall ever travel to Kolkata by train again; for one – the journey is tiring; and staying cooped up in one coach for more than a day can be a big drag on your patience. Something which I never had plenty of. No more train journeys for me. I have just had enough of it.

More later, have just reached office; got a little of one-hundred-and-fifty mails to check. Bah!!!

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