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Why oh Why!?

Ok, I don't know why he had to do it... It made no sense. We all knew it - poor sportsmanship never wins. Did Zidane really need to do this to make us understand that?

Questions have crept up: Was the action justified? Maybe never. Professional outbursts are known in every game, and more so in football, where it tends to take a rather offensive turn more often than not. But as most people would agree, it would never do well to condone such an act. But I do wonder, what was it that Materazzi said that provoked this player (albeit with a history of violent behaviour) to react in such a manner?

All said and done, maybe it was this ridiculous action which gave Italy the cup, gave the French people the final heartbreak. And most of all, it was saddening to watch this footballing great leave the pitch in such an unsatisfactory and despondent manner. I had hoped, after that rather unsavoury incident with the Saudi Arabian footballer, that he would have a chance of leaving the game - as the French say - with beauty, but that was not to happen. This final act has ensured that most people will remember this final with a slight wince - except, of course in Italy.

But well, nothing and no-one can take his achievements away from him. The dust will ultimately settle and he will be re-instated in the list of all-time greats. On a footnote: France lost the World Cup, but Italy never really won it for themselves!

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    Maybe, in a brief mental lapse, Zidane actually thought Materazzi was the ball and tried for a header towards the goal.  

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